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We use skype to make free calls between us and our customers. Click on the skype symbol to enter the skype webpage and read more about this tool. The webpage will open in a new window.


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Advertise your products on our pages

This information is for companies that want to make adverticement on our web page.


It is easy to put an adverticement on our homepage and bellow you find several advert options and prices.


Options: If anyone click on the advert you can chose between the following to happen:

A)       All your products that we have on our homepage are shown for the customer.

B)       A link that redirects to the product page of your choise.

C)       Custom made option specially for your demands.

- All clicks on your advert will be recorded and a summary will be sent to you each month.


Our homepage has a superbly advancement from the launch year 2009. 

The diagram bellow shows you some statistics about our homepage.

Currently we have 130 unique visitors every day.



As you can see - there is a big benifit to put your advert on our pages and to get your product recognised to hundred visitors to almost no cost at all! 

Don´t heasitate to put your advertisemnt on our web page.


banner example1WEB BANNERS






Dimensions: 980 x 120 px
Max file size: *

240kr (1/5 i 3 weeks)

1197kr (5/5 i 3 weeks)

Whole page
Dimensions: 1200* x 800 px
Max file size: *

240kr (1/5 i 3 weeks)

1197kr (5/5 i 3 weeks)


Sticky 1 and/or 2


Dimensions: 250* x 500 px
Max file size: *

135kr (1/5 i 3 veckor)

672kr (5/5 i 3 veckor)
Free Logotype place





Dimensions: 120 x 120 px
Max file size: *

0 kr (free
L shape


Dimensions: 980 x 120 px
Max file size: *

240kr (1/5 i 3 weeks)

1197kr (5/5 i 3 weeks)

Large side stick


Dimensions: 250* x 800 px
Max file size: *

200kr (1/5 i 3 weeks)

980kr (5/5 i 3 weeks)


TOP position – make sure your products always shown first


With the function " TOP position " your products will always be shown first when one of our pages are entered.

This is valid for all of the categories where you have products, for example "candy bags" etc...

This is a very good and price-worthy adverticement as customers always will se your products in our web shop.


In this example bellow you can see that Fazer has the top position in the "Bags" categorie.





Periodprice: One period is 3 weeks long.


Price for one period

Top positionen: 500 kr

Second positionen: 300 kr

Third positionen: 150 kr

Forth positionen: 100 kr

All other positions: 50 kr

News CANDY MIX commision Mamma Snack


 Ones again we has been on the ISM fair in Köln to meet our customers with our brand "CANDY MIX".


Many thanks for visiting us! It was a pleasure to meet you all and hope to hear from you soon!


Candy Mix© is our commission pick and mix consept for your store. If you have the place for pick and mix, we will help you to get the perfect candy mix including a top of the line interior display and filling and cleaning service, The only thing you need to do is to sell the candy.


Here you can learn more about our CANDY MIX brand and consept.



Are you interested of a new and exciting business? Read more about the benifits and assets when you franchise Mamma Snack©

(Sweden and Scandinavia only!) 





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